Esther Lomb - Get to know our NewFace

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Esther Lomb Close UpEsther Lomb Porttrait

Have you heard about our NewFace Esther Lomb?


She`s in development right now and has done a pretty good job for her first time. Don’t you think so too?  The photographer to get the first stunning 

professional close-up shot of her was talented Thomas Stephan from ROUTE 8, who really helped to get the best out of her. He had various chances

to work with our models and always convinced.


One of our scouters, who are always on the search and everywhere all over Germany, spotted this young and fresh beauty in the shopping streets 

of Munich. Not an unusual way to start into a steep model career.


Originally Esther comes from Fulda, a small town in Germany. Her roots lay in Ukraine but she doesn’t speak neither ukrainian nor russian.  She 

always liked to have the focus on her but at the same time she’s a really kind and helpful person. That’s the reason she already did an internship at

the Herz-Jesu-Hospital in Fulda. She really cares for the people and that’s a character to love ♥


“I’m ready to fully commit to the model lifestyle!” she said. This includes hard discipline not only in a healthy way of eating and constant fitness

 training but also in her attitude towards her life goals in the model business.


Furthermore she regularly sings in the Jugend Kathedral Chor Fulda and that pretty successful as it’s one of the most renowned choirs in 

Germany. She describes her style as classic and elegant. So it’s only fitting that her role models are shimmering fashion icons like the famous Coco

 Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.


So after all we think that sounds like a pretty good base and potential for a rising model star.


Better keep an eye on her!