KONEN opens its new department Accessiore Paradies

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Every women’s heart beats faster when she discovers the new Accessoires Paradies by 

KONEN München. The new department opened with an extraordinary event  in Munich.

Shoes, Bags, Sunglasses, Jewelry… all over the entire underground level. A lot of

celebrities followed the invitation from the traditional fashion house in Munich, including

some of our highly popular Social Media Stars and models.

The architecture office archibrand made a dream come true for a lot of young girls and

grown women with its playful floral patterns and its covered red, green and gold tones.

The host of the night, managing director of KONEN Dr. Gabriele Castegnaro and

Peter Eberle, had the pleasure to welcome various V.I.P. guests for the pre-opening event.

Mostly personalities from the fashion business have attended the event, for instance top

model Franziska Knuppe, male models André Hamann and Dario Calucci as well as

Cathy Hummels and fashion bloggers FASHIONAMBIT & Stylingliebe.


Franziska Knuppe specially came for this event from the capitol Berlin to the Isar

metropolis. She can’t be missed on this occasion as the current face of the contemporary

campaign of KONEN - “The first thought on my mind when I got here was:

What should I take? Can I take it all?”


André Hamann who also came for a look from Berlin recently also found his place

amongst designers and started his own fashion label called Haze & Glory

“Colorful, young and high quality” was his description for the new department.“


Cathy Hummels, wife of national soccer player Mats Hummels and newly fashion

designer also showed up in a beautiful knitted dress in beige –

“My heart only belongs to one guy – and fashion.” was her statement.


Overall a really successful and glamorous start for the new department

Accessoires Paradies by KONEN.